About Us

Welcome to the home of Now.You.Know, quickly becoming everyone's favorite secret. NYK™ was born out of the unique journey and shared passion of two sisters, Kris and Chelle. Growing up, they had very different tastes in scents, rarely finding common ground until they stumbled upon a fragrance that stopped them in their tracks. Inspired, they created their own alluring scent which quickly became their signature. A carefully blended fragrance oil that they kept a secret for a long time.

Already familiar with the e-commerce space, the sisters decided to embark on a new adventure. Recognizing the overwhelming interest in their head turning scent—from chance encounters at the grocery store to moments in the gym and everywhere in between—they decided it was time to share their secret with the world.

In March of 2023, NYK™ launched, and the response was beyond their wildest expectations. The brand's name, Now.You.Know, embodies the essence of their journey. When asked about their fragrance, the sisters respond with "It was our secret but Now You Know”….and now YOU know ;)

Discover our scent and make it your secret.